So I heard that a friend of mine hasn’t been keeping up to date in all the wierd and random things I’ve seen on the internet. Now, he may be a newbie at the whole internet thing (having only just gotten access O.o) but this is inexcusable. So I decided all you other people who happen across my abode might as well come along for the ride. ^.^

First up, pretty much all the links I ever use frequently are across to the right. That is because this is my home page and I like to have everything avaliable as soon as I open my browser. Feel free to click any of those links and find out exactly what they are about.

Second thing to show y’all is a comic I just found out about. I think this “xkcd” thing is exactly my type of comic. Funny, random, and half the time you don’t even get it.

Just a taste of what I mean.

So, now that we’re done with stick figures it must be time to advertise one of my favourite flash movie series of all time: Nightmare City. Don’t be put off by the name, it really hasĀ little to do with anything unless you’ve played a different set of flash games by the same author. Suffice it to say, there is nothing scary at all about these movies. The title is more about the fact that the characters are trying to escape from a city and it is not easy…

The english verison of Nightmare City, Nightmare City: Catastrophe. Pity there is not english verion of the sequal, but it doesn’t really need it.

Last, but not least, I want everyone who reads this and hasn’t already to watch the DCM (Demented Cartoon Movie).