“All you people that know PI to 20 decimal places should be laughing right about now.”

Number 6! So far so good. I’m thinking of upping the quality of my work. Some proper pictures, characters, storyline maybe… ūüėÄ
This comic is an example of the sort of stuff I mean. With the borderlines, typed text and what not.

Along¬†with¬†this¬†I’m¬†restarting¬†Final¬†Fantasy¬†1¬†(the¬†original).¬†I might¬†document¬†my¬†exploits¬†as¬†comics, spiced up of course. ūüôā

I had a good birthday too! Thanks to all the people that made it such a wonderful day! Among other things I got a good watch, some more comic books to read and a better mouse for my laptop.