Eight days since my last post. That’s more than a week! And I’ve missed three comic deadlines too. >.<

I have an excuse ready: I just finnished practice exam week. -_- Man I hate exams. I’m really tired and I havn’t been able to do any comic-ing in a while either. I am re-starting trying to draw proper manga though (just a little bit). This comic site was not really supposed to just hold stick figures. I’ll leave that up to the pro.s (XKCD anyone?).

I did find something cool in my short study breaks though. A really weird manga called Future Diary. Don’t be fooled by the name, its not a soppy shojo manga or anything. It’s about a loner guy who instead of making friends writes everything that happens around him in his cellphone as a diary (ok, so that bit might be shojo-ish, but hear the rest!). And then his ‘imaginary friend’, the lord of space and time (O.O what kind of friends are you inventing!), gives him a cell phone that writes the future. The catch-point is, the guy is then forced into playing a ‘survival’ (last man standing) game where the winner becomes the lord of space and time’s successor.

There is something oddly compelling about the obviously and not-so-obviously insane characters in this story…