“Not EMO”

Ahhh….My first random art comic. I drew this picture, Nemo, quite a long time ago and its still one of my better pictures. I figured since I haven’t done a comic in a while and since I’d been meaning to, I should try inking and coloring it. It was an interesting experience trying to make my wobbly hands draw smooth lines and I think it turned out okay. The biggest problem I can see is that the smoothing of the lines meant that my fill colors left little gray dots along every line. XD I’m still new to this.

In other news I went to the Armageddon convention in Auckland with the ‘manga club’ from school last Saturday. It was really cool. As my first time at a convention it gave me the impression that: “Man, I’d better not do this all the time or my bank account will i deplete!” >.<

I met some of the guys that make the popular machinimation ‘Red vs. Blue
and got my self a camper T-shirt and their sound track (which I had signed :D). I bought way too much manga (>.<) and had a great time doing it. By the end of the day I was down about NZ$120, $50 of which was lent to a friend (she swears she can make it back 🙂 ). After the con. my siblings and I went to a great Japanese restaurant with
some of the best tasting food I’ve eaten.

What an awesome day.