It’s been two weeks…
I don’t really have anything to show for it though. My first week of holidays and 
my dad gets me to work for him in the office.

He’s the ‘boss’ of a small (like, 4 person) civil/structural engineering company. So from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday I was doing small jobs; file this folder here, copy this report ‘X’ times, bank this money, go buy milk ( seriously, I did that once ;D ). Then when we got home I had a small break before dinner, a half hour maybe to check up on the websites I frequent. Then, 3 days out of the five last week dad took me for a driving lesson. While I appreciate the need to learn to drive ( and my father’s willingness to teach me himself ) it kinda went on too long, and happened too many times in a short few days, for me to enjoy it. Most days we finnished around 8pm.
And on Wednesday I went to youth group, which lasts untill 9pm.

So in the end, all my spare time not looking at websites was not huge ( well, not as huge as I would have liked/expected from my first week of holiday ). All of that time was taken up with Aquaria however. Currently I have 24 and a bit hours logged in my save file, and I don’t think I’m very near finnishing the game. For what it’s worth, I fully recomend this game to anyone reading. The art is beautiful, the music is stunning, the puzzles are tricky and the battles are intense. And with the built-in editors pretty much anything is possible to modify.

If you want a description of the game then it’s kinda hard. Think like Ecco the dolphin, in metroidvania ( like the metroid or castlevania games )
style, with mouse geasture based gaming. To move you hold left click and Naija follows the pointer. To sing ( cast spells ) you hold right click on Naija and a circle of eight notes appears around Naija which you hover over in certain orders to make stuff happen. For example, the “bind” song you can sing when near a boulder or something, to pick the boulder up. The boulder will now follow you ( you can even kill fish by smashing the boulder into them 😉 ). There are several forms you can turn in to by singing such as the energy form, which enables you to shoot firey enegy balls at anything that dares stand in your way.

All this is in a massive underwater world teaming with many life forms ranging from normal small fish to the hidden optional bosses such as
Nautilus Prime. You’ll never get bored with the changing scenery as you progress through the game.

And the voice acting is great. It really helps bring the game to life when you hear the main character talk about what’s going on as you watch ( or if you are hearing impared, there are subtitles ). Also, little things like the gasps when you see something spectacular are very cool ( and how Naija laughs like a maniac if you go on a killing spree in energy form is just plain creepy XD )

So, support the indie scene and send that US$30 bit-blot‘s way. For a game this good I’m surprised it doesn’t cost more.