Hey all! Right now I’m sitting in an internet cafe in Southport (which is about 1 hour south of Brisbane, Australia). It’s $3 an hour, which sounds pretty good to me. It’s 12:30pm on a Friday and there are plenty of people here so it can’t be bad, althoughΒ  my experiance with cyber-cafes is limited.

Β It’s interesting to listen to the conversations around me…even though most of them are in Korean. XD

Anyway, my holidays are going pretty good so far. My brother (Tony) and his GF (Sarah) left yesterday after a week of staying with us in our apartment. It’s sad that they had to go, but its ok since we got to do so much together while they were here. It’s a pity, the weather has been constantly unpredictable showers with brief bouts of sunshine inbetween. And when its not raining, its still solid cloud up above. Kinda makes me feel at home, coming from the “land of the long white cloud” and all. πŸ˜›

The thing that get me though, is that even with all the cloud its still really warm here. The cloud and rain just serves to make it more humid. It gets so hard to breath sometimes!

I trust you all are enjoying your break? I might only get a few more chances to get on the internet untill we get home (the 11th) but that doesn’t mean you can’t drop me a line! Any comments, emails and messages on the forums would be great!

Peace out, and be safe.