Recently I read the first Kanon manga series (the wiki tells me there are more than one manga series of Kanon). The story intrigued me, but chapter 4 just stopped making sense. The gist of the story is there, but it is very unclear as to what is going on (for example: random flashbacks occur without warning, and I had to back track a bit once I realised that bits I’d read were supposed to be in the past). Not to say that the feeling isn’t there though, I got chills when Ayu pronounced her final wish and stuff :). But then I was left confused as to where Ayu was and stuff… It ends just after she just up and disappears in his arms, and then the epilogue says that she just woke up from a coma?! Man, talk about hard to follow, I don’t know what to believe…

Anyway, I liked it enough to want to read it again sometime, hopefully with 
more understanding of the story. And I wanted more.
So I looked into the wiki and learned that the original Kanon was a visual novel released in 1999. Based on the description I think the term “dating sim” is 
more appropriate than “visual novel”. 😉
After that I learned that it was rated 18+. O_o So maybe I wont be looking at finding and buying/downloading the original game. 😉 But it did say that they made an “all ages” version, which I would actually be interested in playing. Even though I’ve never played a dating sim before. ~’.’~

But finding an “All ages” version of an h-dating game made in 1999 proved to be rather difficult. After quite a while of searching the net I gave up and decided to just watch the 2006 version of the anime. 😀

After watching the prelude and the first 5 episodes I was inspired to draw. 
And draw I did; using a rather Kanon-like style (sad girl, but I refuse to draw snow 😉 ). I think it looks great! 😀 In particular one thing I’ve learned by looking at this anime is that when you draw a cirle for the base of a head, the eyes are in the middle, if not in the lower half. This gives space for a forehead and hair, something I’ve always gotten wrong in the past. And it gives you a cute, small and wide face. 😉

This is the picture after some cleaning work:

A cleaned version of the above