After watcing Kanon 2006 untill past 1 am I scribbled my thoughts down onto paper. I wrote this a while ago, but I thought it was interesting enough to post up. Here goes:

Watching Kanon has got to be one of my most audible anime experiances 
For starters, my headset is starting to die on me, so for the first 5 episodes I watched it out loud on the speakers. Secondly, while watching this anime I find myself laughing out loud more often, and exclaiming more often than with other anime.

I just finnished episode 10 (those of you who have watched it should recognise the significance of number 10) and during it I was muttering to the screen what exactly Yuuichi should NOT be doing.

This anime is insane. Keep ’em coming! =) Peace out!

P.S. I also suddenly have a strange urge to go out and buy some bells.
Is that normal?