“random sad girl”

I’m actually drawing more than once a month! *Gasp!*
And updating too! It must be this Kanon thing messing with my head, I’m
supposed to be lasy!

Anyway, I’m working on making my hair look better mostly. Also working on
eyes and face (as you can see I’m not drawing bodies at the moment 😉 ).
Not only are these important for emotions, but also character recognition
and personality and stuff.

This picture is about as close as I’d come to posting a raw scan. For some reason my scanner scans things in at like 400% size, so I have to shrink everything. Also it always comes in really faint, although that could be my own fault for not drawing darker or something. So every time I scan something I open it in photoshop and using ctrl+L I change the levels so that black starts at the darkest shade of grey the picture has, and middle grey is slightly off center to make things darker again without changing relative darkness. I then have to shrink it all. This particular picture I shrunk to 50% original size.