“Almost DnD looking in my opinion.”

Sorry for being late in posting… I missed last week and this morning, but I think I’ve made up for it with this. In my opinion this is one of my best pictures in a long time. Not because of the body really, but mainly looking at the head/hair.

I heard that the founder of Dungeons and Dragons died recently. Although I 
never got into DnD, I respect that it is an impressive system to play a game,
and that it lead to more popular and different forms of gaming that we see
Rest in peace man. This picture sort-of looks like it could be a DnD character going on his journey, just for you.

As always, comments and criticism are welcome. Infact, leaving comments is 
great! It lets me know someone actually cares; and that’s a big boost to 
someone like me.

Hopefully we’ll have some guest art this week too. Look forward to that.

Peace out everybody.