“Don’t ask me, ask Stanley”

 I’m late! Sorry!
It’s been a pretty full week for stuff to be happening. Yesterday, I got my
PSP *squee~*. It is very cool. It is a slim lite that I got with an 8GB memory
stick (that’s huge!) and a Go!Camera attachment and a gel casing and stuff.
Pretty sweet deal for $550.
It will work as my new MP3 player for my bus trips (the old one’s ‘right’ button is so messed, I can’t turn the volume up anymore, only down -_- ). And it can play all those awesome PS1 games I never got to try / loved so much I want to play again and stuff.
Back to the art: This is a piece by Stanley (a.k.a. Seraph) depicting a
‘GrandCross’, a giant robot-like being from his story ‘The Amulet’. It is a whole pile of scrap metal infused with the souls of a whole family line. This one is named after me, the Fendall GrandCross. 🙂
Why is everyone else so much better at art than me? >.<;;