So I got back from Japan today…

I’ll start by saying it was awesome. I really like Japan and I’d like to go again some time. Japan is something I don’t think one can describe in a few words. It might take me 17 days just to describe my 17 days there. The photos will help show my family and friends, but for anyone else out there who can’t sit down with me over afternoon tea and listen to me narrate almost 1GB of photos it might be a little hard to grasp what Japan was like to me.

I think the biggest thing that hits you in everyday commuting (of which I had to travel about 1 hour 15 minutes to get to school each day) is how polite everyone is. Its just….nice; for want of a better word. Everyone is polite to eachother, which helps so much for making society run smoothly. I think New Zealanders could learn a LOT from this. Next time you feel greedy for space on a train or bus, kick your inner child and just ride any uncomfort you may feel. Also, swearing does not help any situation, so just don’t.

I don’t wanna ‘wall of text’ you all on my first day back, so I’ll stop here (not to mention that I’m dead tired. Lots of packing and long flights and Japan do that to ya. 😉 ).

G’night all.