Ok, I havn’t posted pic.s in a while. That is not to say I havn’t drawn any, I’ve actually drawn some stuff, but the other computer (the one that had the scanner-printer attached) is gone now, and therefore the scanner isn’t plugged in. And I can’t be bothered unplugging the printer on this computer to plug in the scanner-printer and scan in my pictures for several reasons:
– There isn’t space near this computer move another printer.
– It would require effort to move the scanner-printer.
– I’m lazy.
– And I’d forget to put things back as they were, and would probably be growled next time Mum or Dad wanted to print something in black and white.

So, sorry, but bear with me for a while. Eventually I’ll move things around and get some more art up. Untill then, I’ll just keep on with my trying to catch up from missing a week of school going to Japan last term. It’s a long road to academic achievement. >.<‘