Wow. So its now officially the second day of my summer holidays. It does feel good.

The some of the exams were pretty tough this year. I guess I didn’t study as well as I should have, but oh well. I don’t think I’m gonna fail anything and thats the important part. 😉
Along with the exams I had the cisco Asia-Pacific competition to prepare for and do. It was way cool, we got to go the the cisco head-quarters in Auckland and be in the telepresence room for the duration of the competition. And we had food and drink supplied too.
The telepresence room was very very cool. Picture this: A semi-circular room with half a conference table up against the flat wall. And the edge of the table has three large high definition screens on it. Those screens (at 5mb/s each) link directly to another telepresence room somewhere else in the world, showing you the other half of the table with other people sitting at it in a 1:1 ratio. It has directional sound too, so you can almost fool yourself into thinking the other people are really just sitting across the room from you. Talk about epic! 😀

Unfortunately we didn’t win anything this time around.. but thats ok. It was a great experiance.

Now that I have some free time I should work on that picture I promised you all some more. xD
Although I’m a bit busy today and tomorrow…