To celebrate that the Aquaria game is now just over 1 year old the developers have released (finally) the 1.1.1 patch, which includes (but isn’t limited to) widescreen support, map marker functionality, and having all the main game files unencrypted so modders like me can finally look at the main game through the mod system!! Yuuusssss!
This is a great thing for the modding community in Aquaria and I’m looking forward to attempting to make some new maps. I have some ideas already.

I should really get to doing more drawing… That project thing I’m working on is on about 4/6 at most in terms of amount of work to be done. I’m actually thinking if I can clean it up enough it might make a nice wallpaper. o.o No idea if any of you would want to use it. xD I’ve actually got all the parts of it in a rough assembly as my current wallpaper and it looks pretty cool. (Actually, I have it overlaid on top of my old wallpaper, which was another wallpaper-in-progress made up of Emiko, Caiya and Sarina with a makeshift sketched background xD ). I might actually use that background for this current picture.. It does look rather nice. But I’d have to finnish it. xD

Anyway, theres my update on progress and stuff thats happening. 😉 Hope y’all enjoy it when its done.