Ohkay. Here it is. Crunch time.
I’m going for my CCNA at 11:30am tomorrow. I hope I’m ready enough.

On Monday I did a practice exam that got me 90%, without having re-read semester 4 (which I got most things wrong from xD). So now I’ve studied semester 4 some more, and I hope I get similar questions. ><

Another factor is that I’m not feeling 100% right now. I blame lack of sleep and the fact that I’ve spent days doing little other than stare at a screen of scrolling text (and the cisco curriculum is booooring). But it could also be a bit of a side effect from my vaccinations last week (we were warned I might have cold/flu-like symptoms at around day 4-5 after the injections). I sincerely hope it goes away with a good night’s sleep tonight. I’d hate to have a headache during a $328 exam..

Wish me luck! 🙂