Alrighty. Tomorrow (Sunday the 29th) morning I’ll be up bright and early to go off on my school’s 7th form (year 13) camp, Taurewa. Its a week long stay in National park in the middle of the North Island, near the mountains there. We get to do exciting activities such as climbing Mt. Ngauruhoe, white water rafting, overnight camping and other cool stuff.
Wish me luck, its gonna be exhausting; and I would rather like to come back in one piece if possible. xD
Well, I suppose you don’t have to wish me luck if you want me to be hospitalised. o.o; But then you’d have to visit me in hospital so the jokes on you! Muahahaha!

In other news, my Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate arrived a few days back with a nice letter from the president and CEO of Cisco Systems. 😀 And Mr Thompson has offered to help me learn PHP during some lunchtimes this year which is totally awesome and should kickstart my programming career. Woot!

I’ll tell y’all all about camp the week after next (maybe even with photos 😉 ) so untill then, peace out! 🙂