I’ve been meaning to draw for a while now but the last few days have been pretty full. On Monday was getting back from camp and sorting out that stuff; on Tuesday I went over to Saph’s house for most of the day and Today I went out to a movie (Race to Witch Mountain) with X’ and two other friends, followed by dinner and another (even longer) movie called Kal Ho Naa Ho at the reunion for the people that went to India with my brother in 2004 (to which I tagged along 😀 ).
But thats okay, life looks like it might just be brightening up for me a bit despite any unwillingness the darkness has to go away. 😉
So hopefully some quality artwork could be coming you guys’ way in the forseeable future. I actually got a pretty nice idea for a series of mute comicstrips while at Easter Camp that would be great…if I manage to pull it off. xD Knowing me it might not even make it to completion.
[EDIT] Geh, for some reason part of this post got removed. I think it has to do with using smileys that involve triangle brackets.. Re-typing as best I can now:
Anyway, the movie Kal Ho Naa Ho was pretty tiring to watch. Its like over 3 hours of hyper-emotional cheezyness..
>_<;; But at least its good cheeze. 😀 <3 Indian movies?.