Wow, that was exciting. I had TCI class today 5th period in C11. At 3:10 our fire alarm went off; and just as we were heading out of the class a guy stuck his head in and said that the boy’s toilets were on fire.
And they were. As I walked out of our classroom I could see smoke in the end of the hallway near the toilets there. And when I exited C block I could see smoke coming out of the windows of the boy’s toilets.
Because it was only 5 minutes to home time anyway we all got to just leave (using my well practised fire drill skills I did actually trek out to the field like you should, but there was no one there, not even teachers, so I left along with the rest of school xD ).
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real fire at school before..

Also interesting: we didn’t have an assembly today because the government suggested that people minimize large gatherings to help slow the spread of swine flu. I know lots of people that were quite happy to see that. 🙂

Aaaand of course I guess I should talk about the ball which was on Saturday night. In short: I enjoyed it. Its nice to dress up once in a while; and its even nicer to see every one else dressed up. ;D I went in full black except for my darkish red tie; with my partner for the night Christina wearing a dress of the same/similar colour and a black shawl thing and black small handbag. I didn’t have a mask (although Chris was ‘kind’ enough to provide me with a shiny pink party mask after we got there haha. He had a mask for everyone at the table that didn’t bring one) but Christina had a half face mask with a handle that looked good when she held it up to her face (although in my opinion it looked kinda scary without the face behind it, and her face was prettier than the mask anyway so there wasn’t much point covering it xD ).
I’ll upload some of my photos sometime. But of course only a select few of the 40-something I took will be open to the public. XD I’ll want to do some red-eye removing and adding captions and stuff first though so don’t hold your breath. 😉

Thats about it for this week. Sorry, no picture yet haha. Maybe I’ll get to draw one soon. I didn’t get any extra rest on Sunday to make up for the late night Saturday though, so I’m kinda tired right now. ><;
(Oh, that plus the Heroes of Newerth beta that is rather awesome to play and so likes to take up chunks of my spare time 😉 I'm still under NDA so no specifics of course).
I think thats all my news. Catch y'all later. 🙂