Well as most of you know, my family and I (excluding Tony) leave for Africa in the small hours of the morning tomorrow; coming back about a day before the holidays end. We’re going to Kenya and Tanzania (east coast) on a “14-day Grand Circle Lodge Safari”, which I’m hoping is going to be loads of fun. 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to show y’all some photos when we get back.
Wish us luck.

For your weekly fix of TRH goodness while I’m away you’re all treated to some midi music from Llama. The first of them, which I’m putting up now since I didn’t have a picture for this week, is called piano ff (don’t ask me why it’s called that, these files have some rather odd names as you’ll see later 😉 ).

Llama’s write-up: “My first ever composition, done in year 10. I then re-wrote it for flute oboe and ocarina/clarinet and added a accomanying part and used it for my level 1 perfomrance. I wouldve sent that one in, but my music teacher completely butchered it trying to make it “better” and i could never be bothered changing it back to what it used to be. I guess as long as i got the mark for it i dont really care.”

From myself for you guys to see this week I’m linking to a flash based game I’ve been working on during TCI class while we were supposed to be doing boring stuff. xD With the help of Cameron it’s getting most of the kinks worked out, and is indeed going rather well. This is the latest build that fully works, although of course there are still a bunch of things that could be better, and a whole lot more content we could add. For example, there is only one powerup in this version: the fire rate increase. We started implementing a shield powerup today but it wasn’t finished yet so its not in this version.
Anyway, here it is, Double Trouble (I called it Ballshooter while I was working on it solo, hence the file name; but Cameron decided we should call it something else so there you go).
If you download that file and just run it it should open in Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you use) and play without any problems. Enjoy 🙂