Yeah so I don’t have a picture this week. I wanted to do one, but with the exams and all I didn’t really have a solid few hours to draw like I’d normally take. And uploading half-done crappy art is kinda ick. 😉 But you all can read this poem I just made up hehe.

One and one
It equals two
And that rhymes
With me and you

The statistics scholarship exam on Saturday wasn’t too bad, which is good. I hopefully have a chance of getting it, which would be a nice kick start into next year. The physics scholarship isn’t looking as hopeful; its a lot harder and I a tendency to miss one or two aspects of the questions, leading me to deriving incorrect answers. >.<; Wish me luck on Tuesday. 😉
Aaaand Japanese is on the next day right after physics scholarship. Woopie…

In other news, the Aquaria OST was finally released. The release on Saturday (in Canada, meaning Sunday for us in New Zealand) was accompanied by a live streaming of Alec Holowka, his sister and girlfriend (and surprise guest Kenley Kristofferson playing piano and packaging CDs (along with some other fun random things like Alec signing and kissing posters and CD cases, being hugged and a special shout out to yours truely 😀 ). The afternoon’s activities (lasting almost 3 hours) was recorded and is viewable if anyone wants. If you don’t have a full 3 hours to spare you could always tune into it and leave the piano music running while you study. 😉

Study hard everyone; I’ll try to get something done when I can. Seeya next week everyone. ;D