Hah! So I did indeed completely miss that first Friday deadline. Not completely my fault though;
I was going to update Friday afternoon by finishing the picture I had mostly done that day, but I got called out straight after work to go to my brother Tony’s place to move furniture. Stayed for dinner and ended up being so late that I stayed the night rather than drive illegally after 10 (yay restricted license..). Then today I was straight up and off to a ferry ride and a day spent at Motutapu Island (the one right next to Rangitoto for you Aucklanders). Then to Timmy’s 21st birthday celebration. I only just got home now and its too late to even update a day late. xD

So I think I’ll finish this and use it as a one picture buffer for next week’s Tuesday. That should hopefully kick me off to a nicely sustainable start….hopefully.

Keep up the reminders/encouragement and stuff or I’ll forget that I’m on biweekly updates now. xD

P.S. The picture does actually look decent so hopefully it’ll be okay. 🙂