Heh heh..yeah… Its even actually technically Sunday now..
What do we want to see on Tuesday?
I think I’ll go for Happy Cat. 🙂 Then Friday probably a DHD (random picture). Then we’ll see about next Tuesday.. If I have enough spare time devoted to smoothing over my drawing plans then we might start to see some really interesting things soon. 😀 Though at the rate its currently going it’d take a few months for that. >.< ! Especially with end of semester exams looming. I do have a 10 day or so gap between my 3 engineering exams and Chinese that I wont be busy in though, so maybe then would be a good time to really start cranking this idea of mine. Blah; having all of my Saturday taken this week has been a bit of a blow to getting my random tasks done. I was summoned to help Tony out with some of the stuff that needs to be done at his new house (plenty of which involved crawling around in the gap under his house all over the broken concrete and stuff under there <.<; ). Its interesting to note that video games are on the way to phasing out of my free time spending activities. I played the first game of Heroes of Newerth in what must have been a good month or two tonight and I've barely touched anything else in a long time. I suppose if the trend continues then any ideas I might have had for going into independent video game development will probably just fade too. Hopefully some of that time will divert into drawing as well as the extra study I'm going to need to get past these exams; its one hobby I don't really want to give up. 🙂 [EDIT] This might entertain you for a while: Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer