Heh, so…. two tests last night…. yeah.
I’ve actually done a little drawing but I still don’t have a reliable and repeatable way to get pictures up. Suck. I might see about getting a solution for my birthday or something hehehe. 😀 For now I’ll see what I can do. I still have to finish at least one of the doodles I have before I can upload them anyway.
The good news is that as of today 3pm I’ll be out of class for the half-semester (lol quartermester? xD)! 😀 Holidays are yay. 🙂 Assignments to do and think about over the holidays are boo. 🙁 Fortunately the matlab coding assignment shouldn’t be too arduous for me so I should be able to spend more time on the ProEngineer modeling assignment (which is going to be a real pain).

Hope you all have had a not-too-bad last day of lectures (or a not too bad last few weeks if you’re still in highschool 😉 ) and I’ll be back again on Tuesday. 🙂