(Note: this is regarding a Facebook event I was invited to recently forming a march in protest of the anti-Asian movement. Sorry for the serious update, but thought that it was worth thinking about)

As a White Asian (that is to say, an inverted banana..? Boiled egg?) I feel like I’ve missed something here. What’s up with standing up to racism? What need? We’re in New Zealand. New Zealand doesn’t have a race.

I’m white. I was born in Auckland and I’ve lived here my whole life. I know Chinese people who can say the same thing.

Is there a difference between us? Yes. Our inherited culture; values and activities. It is invalid to say that being born in NZ makes you the same as anyone else born in NZ because you are raised differently and taught different things depending on the culture of your family.

Is that a problem? No. Not in the usual case at least.

However NZ, for all it’s multi-racial-ness (new word :D) does have an established culture. It does have regulations, laws, and ways that things are done.

The only problem I can see with ‘Asians’ is as an extreme case, for example when they’re tightly together (as, lets face it, we often try to be, if I may include myself). The reason this is a problem is that it has the potential to create a sub-community which has the potential to foster the real problems such as people not born in NZ moving to NZ and not integrating themselves with NZ at large at all.

It is a problem if there become large numbers of people who can live their daily life without, for example, being able to speak English. Imagine being a cop trying to enforce a law on someone who has always lived in a close-knit foreign community in NZ and has never had to learn the national language. That is very surely not a good situation for anyone.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t hang with whoever suits you. And I’m definitely not saying that we have reached anything like the extremity of that case (though some suburbs are heading in the right direction lol). But whoever you are, be it white, yellow, black or brown, and who ever you are with, be sure that you are part of New Zealand, that you are integrating with the country as a whole.

If you’re Chinese and your parents are in New Zealand, don’t just speak to them in Chinese. If you’re Dutch, and your grandparents are in New Zealand, don’t just speak to them in Dutch. And don’t leave them at home, show them where they live, teach them about the country, the combined culture, the way things are done.

Same goes if you’re NZ European. Face it, this is not a purely European nation. Learn something about the other cultures around you, you might find something you like. Just as Chinese people in NZ have to integrate with you, so you also have to integrate them and integrate with them to form the combined populace that is the New Zealand we know and love.

Just my 2c (and then some lol).

As for updates, yeah I prefer drawing nicer pictures than scribbles too. The idea was that busy people do more and so updating twice a week would make for better stuff but…maybe that would have worked at highschool, at uni not so much. x.x
I don’t think I mentioned but my headset finally died while I was recording that last video which is why my planned update hasn’t really come through. I can play the song, but recording will be a little bit more tricky ‘cos I want to be able to hear the backing music while I play without it being recording with my playing (usually I’d just have the music coming through the headphones so only I could hear it). I think I’ve found a work around but it’ll have to wait for another time now.

Wish me luck for the Chinese speech competition on Saturday. It’s past midnight on Friday and I haven’t actually written more than some scribbled ideas of what I want to say, in English. xD Oh dear..