Hey Guys!

You may have seen me poking around this site adding the odd comment here and there; but now I can do even more! With big thanks to Hiro, I am able to get this blog up for my friends and family to peruse my many adventures overseas next year.

I may also be willing to put up some few pics of mine when and if I’m able. (I’m a major Final Fantasy fan so please give me any requests of your favourite characters and I’ll try my best to get around to drawing them). Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the New Years post, I highly recommend you do. It was my idea to do a collaboration and all the entries by you guys rock! Yay Sephy <3

Hmm… I should draw inspiration from the crazy artworks in the Auckland Gallery…

In unrelated news, I recently bought the new Evanescence album and all I can feel is *happiness* 😀  (I kinda have a thing for goth stuff too). I’ve been a lover of their music for some time despite the fact that my appreciation in songs differs with each conflicting mood I get. An introduction to post-rock from one of my friends is one example. He is in his own newly founded band located in Melbourne, Australia called Camels of Paradise-Still pretty raw but they have potential.

It sounds a bit weird mentioning this, since you barely know me at all, but it’s been a rough few weeks for me uni-wise with heaps of work piled on top of personal stuff. Despite that, one thing I have to say that I’ve learned this past weekend is that if you know the Lord, then keep holding on to Him in your times of trouble and he will absolutely see you through.       1 Peter 1:3-9

That’s enough from me. You’ll find out more as you go. 😉

’til next time,