So, It’s me again,  posting because Hiro practically begged me to.

Why? I’ve finally finished my degree (if I’ve passed all my recent exams) and I’m on my new adventure into the scary big wide world! *Claps wildly and excitedly* – I’m happy and I know it. 😉 (And I think Hiro is desperate for distractions from study. Exams make people crazy).

In all seriousness, It’s only the day after but I’ve already got a tonne to sift through.

The first order of business is applying for the JET programme Japan Exchange and Teaching, which is essentially a way for me to teach English in Japan as a full-time job for a year or more. I’ll be able to live independently in my own apartment, travel around Japan and various parts of Asia, improve my language skills, climb Mt. Fuji and basically whatever I want because I’ll be living in the place that’s been my dream to live in since I’ve been 14 or 15 😀
If they like my application I’ll be going in for interviews in February. Ultimately I will leave for Japan in August next year, God sparing and willing.

Second order of business is raising funds to go to Nelson beach over the summer to help spread the gospel to people.  Yay! 🙂

To top it off I’m working full-time at uni over the summer break-starting on Monday- as part of the admissions team. (We’re the people who sort through your details – citizenship certificates etc., when you first apply to enter university).

After that I’m flying away to England to be with my granny and drink tea. Lots and lots of tea. We’re gonna be arty and draw heaps of stuff (maybe they’ll make their way on this site o_O)  and do cultural things like go to the opera, polo matches…Ya know…the kinds of things that you have to go to at least once in your lifetime. I’ll be back just in time for graduation if all goes well.

The point is, it’s gonna be full on, in a fun way. For now though, I’m content with doing laundry, sipping coffee, dusting off my old PS2…

And that brings me to my gaming news. I’ve heard that recently a Gyakuten Saiban movie is to be released in Japan soon that looks pretty close to the storyline of the games in terms of characterization. For those of you who don’t know about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, HOLD IT! Grab a Nintendo DS from someone and play it! Now!

As far as a game goes, it doesn’t have much in the way of game-play or re-playability as it’s pretty much a point and click adventure with a lot of text, but the storyline is the glue that makes up for it. It’s about a Lawyer who has to figure out cases by finding evidence, and information from people,  and then presenting that evidence in court to make a case. What’s that I hear you say? Boring? OBJECTION! The characters are so colorful and witty, and the cases so complex with twists that link up each episode, that it’s hard to put it down once you’ve started.

There’s also going to be a re-release of Final Fantasy X on the PS3. Can you imagine that game in FFXIII quality or better? 😀 Haha the FFVII fans are so pissed.

Anyway, hope all your exams go well and that you do something fun afterward to celebrate.

Till next time,