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Alas! My scanner has decided that it wants to stop working. That is, plugging it in and pushing buttons (eg. the power button) does nothing at all! I have pictures. I have two actually (haha prepared right? 😀 ) but no scanner to get them online! D: Disastrous.
Fortunately Saphy has donated the use of his scanner to keep things running until I can sort something out on this end. 🙂

This is a picture I drew to fulfil another bounty placed by Simon to draw a picture using only ink; no erasable pencil first. A bit of a tough challenge I thought, though easier than the drawing real objects one. First I drew the sword-hand, then I decided to try out drawing some other random stuff at the bottom with some pretty interesting results so I left them in. I also drew another picture for this bounty which will be coming on Tuesday.

And here’s the biggest news of the whole blog: the people in charge of such things decided that .com domains were getting too crowded with too many names being already taken. So to create new opportunities they decided that .co domains would become available. They’re global, just like .com but without the m.
So I decided that since I’ve kinda wanted a recognisable domain for this site for a while I’d get one while the opportunity was there to get any name I wanted. But after a fair bit of deliberation and asking around I decided not to register therathole.co. As much as I do love TRH, I’ve found by experience that the word “rat” is pretty harsh sounding (and not altogether very positive) and the word “hole” has enough bad connotations that trying to tell people about the site in conversation could become a bit of an embarrassing hitch when it came to the address.
In talking to several people, both active and quite unrelated, I found that most people that were familiar with the site quickly said that they preferred The Rat Hole because of its more creative and interesting nature; but upon deliberation did note it’s demerits. Other less related people often said that The Rat Hole was nice, but that the more professional Realm would be more appropriate.
Interestingly, no one voted for my compromise address idea trh.co. I figured it would remove the vocal embarrassment while keeping the site name the same (the words on screen aren’t as unappealing I think). But people overwhelmingly agreed that an acronym doesn’t mean anything and is hard to remember (is it? 😮 ).
Yes, I admit that the name ‘The Rat Hole’ is a lot more creative, unusual and exciting, but I decided to go with therealm.co. Some of you might be able to remember in somewhat distant past that “The Realm” was the name of my first website (though the name in the address was actually the poorly spelt “Apocaliptic Flare”). The Realm is a lot more generic sounding, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing in my opinion.
I will keep therathole.co.nr pointing to this site so those of you who prefer that can keep using it. And I’m likely going to keep the site name as The Rat Hole at least for a while (and later probably have both the realm and the rat hole as titles). So the name will live; just not in the address. 🙂

Bounty total: $18.50