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If you’re looking at the larger image in the link, that’s how big the image I sent to the printers was. Try to imagine the picture four times bigger than that, and that’s the size the picture was when I was drawing it (at 100%; I did even go to 200% in a few places xD ). Much to my chagrin, the printing of this company wasn’t as good as the one I got my Tshirt from last year and so it doesn’t look nearly as good on the Tshirt as on the screen, even though I made (very) sure that the resolution was big enough. 🙁
But all in all I’m well pleased with how this project turned out. 🙂 The art is nice, ranging from the very simple half hour TARDIS to the full two-and-a-bit weeks Fuko. 🙂 I feel that my drawing and colouring skill has improved, and that’s a good step towards being able to make a comic of my own (and getting that cintiq, heheheh). 😀 Every picture here also used reference for details and colours (and some help with the stances, particularly for Lyn), which is something I should do more often.

Yeah I know that this is a bit late for Nonnaihr’s birthday (which was last week) but I couldn’t put up the full picture until the shirt arrived. So in the mean time I’ve been putting up the smaller components as a bit of a build up. 😉
In no particular order this image has:
Fuko (Clannad),
Patrick (SpongeBob Squarepants),
The Doctor and the TARDIS (Doctor Who),
Lyn (Fire Emblem),
Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin),
The triforce (The Legend of Zelda),
Dango Daikazoku (Clannad),
And chocolate (real life, lol).
My original intention was to include many more things, but in the end I didn’t have the time. I actually went overtime as it was, which is why the people in the back are less polished (that and I knew that the fine details wouldn’t be visible in the end anyway).

Oh well, that concludes revival week (8 days in a week…nice xD ). I hope you all enjoyed the burst of activity (mainly caused by the complete absence of activity in the weeks before lol..sorry again). And I hope to be bringing you more and better art in the year to come. 🙂

PS. An interesting note: I did have a bit of a fan-fic idea that would explain all the randomness in this picture, but I never bothered to get around to writing it up hahaha.
Something about the Doctor figuring out how to do inter-dimensional travel in the TARDIS, which, by Realm Theory, would allow him to travel into the worlds of different TV shows. Naturally Fuko loves her new Patrick plush-toy, and the blue(!) girl (Lyn) and the red(!) boy (Kenshin) can’t ever be friends (lol).
Triforce is just because it made a nice triangle. xD And chocolate because chocolate. :O
And the lyrics to the song Dango Daikazoku are there because I like having background text in these things, and it was appropriate (and it helped make it more kind of square and balanced looking). 🙂