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Hey everyone! 🙂

This here is the design I’ve come up with to collate my best pictures of 2012 onto a tshirt. This will be the third tshirt of my drawings which I’m going to own, and the fifth tshirt design of my drawings ever made. 😀
The other designs I have prints of are the TRH2011 shirt and the Nonnaihr shirt of 2012, which I am demoting from TR shirt 2012 status because it was specifically designed for Nonnaihr’s birthday, not a compilation of good pictures that I drew throughout the year.
Other drawings of mine which have been made into shirts are Feihae, Helen’s prize tshirt, and a modification of Cardcaptor Alice which included a name under the design.

In worldly news, I now have a job working at Ontempo, which naturally means I’m probably going to be drawing more; funny how that works hahaha. The work is going well, everyone is very friendly and I have a lot of support even though I’m volunteering there. It’s a little freaky to think that in my first 4 days there I’ve made one and a half application windows which will actually be shipped to clients. @.@ But all of my code is being peer-reviewed and a lot of it is copied from other examples so it’s working out. 🙂

I hope your holidays are going as well as mine are. Has anyone gotten up to anything interesting? 🙂