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Helen won the give-away I held recently. Since she didn’t find any pictures she liked among my collection (understandable, the number of good pictures I’ve done is surprisingly few) I went ahead and drew this for her. 🙂
It took a looooong time. In fact this picture was under way before I even started the picture I drew for Amber. >.< I just haven’t had the time to draw this semester. =\ That plus it’s a pretty hefty picture: Condensed drawing time total is a bit under 7 hours. Doesn’t sound like much when you put it like that but it is for me. xD Still, I like how it turned out; this goes well in my collection. 🙂
I decided to go for a pencil hatching feel for the shadows in this one. I’m not sure if it was better than the cell shading I’ve done in other pictures like the Megan Lee one. Any thoughts from you guys? It feels a little awkward because I ended up using cell shading for the highlights on the top anyway. xD Though I think the hair looks pretty nice with the lined shading/highlights. 🙂
As you can see in the video, Helen sent me some pictures to base the drawing from. This kind of caricature is kinda fun to work on, getting the features just right so they’re in-style but still recognisable is a good learning process for me. 🙂

So anyway now I’m back, sorry for the delay! I’m on holiday so I have some good drawing time ahead. 😀 I’d like to get more work done on my story. No rest for the wicked, even less for the righteous! xD

In other news: I have a new phone now, and I switch carriers to 2degrees. 😮 So much new stuff!