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Sorry this picture was so long in coming. Actually it’s been finished for 5 days already. xD My friend Amber is going to Singapore for half a year so some of us friends decided to put pictures and messages in a book for her. Rather than trying to pick a memorable photo, I thought I could just draw a picture for it. 🙂 But then I had to wait for her to get the book before I could release the picture online, or else it wouldn’t be a surprise. 😉
We’ll miss you Amber. Have fun in Singapore. 🙂

Now a bit about the picture: This is pretty much the exact same style as I did for Megan Lee earlier on this year. I start by drawing the sketch with a standard pencil brush, then I hard line it with a darker, slightly thicker pencil brush. And then for the colour I use a solid brush and fill everything in. The only difference is that this time I used colours for shadows, not overlaid grey tones. 🙂
Unfortunately in order to get the picture done on time I had to draw quite fast (this was finished over only two evenings) and you can see evidence that I was rushed if you know where to look. One example, which I hate to point out because its really obvious when you see it, is that the arms of her glasses have no shadows on them. >.< There is also the unintended Japanese feel of the red circle on white (actually the white is transparent but flickr saves smaller resolutions as jpg files which can’t show transparent areas). I probably should have kept the red part the full square. xD Oh well! I’m happy with how it turned out regardless, and I enjoyed drawing it. 🙂