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I know that other picture was cool but I guess it’s fair to have to give other people the limelight sometimes too. 🙂 This is an interesting piece from Kybele; I don’t think I’ve ever tried to draw a movie theatre before, darkness is an interesting problem for paper mediums. I suppose with the advent of my tablet working I could do some more lighting effects relatively easily..hmmm.
It’s hard to believe that my summer school exam is only 2 weeks away (on the 15th). Then I’ll be truly freeeeeeeeeeee until school starts again at the end of Feb. xD I suppose I could do something crazy like work for two weeks. @.@ I could almost get work experience for uni. :O Totally crazy thought I know.
Sadly drawing hasn’t been going as super duper as I hoped it might. I’ve been getting a few pieces done but not on the scale of one epic per day. xD I suppose that’s asking too much… at least I have been drawing a bit. I still feel like I’m wasting too much time though. >.< Oh well, I guess I can only change that myself. Time to get to work!....tomorrow. <.<