( Click for larger image, which is still a lot smaller than the original XD )

Well, partly to celebrate X-MM’s birthday, and partly because that last picture by me was pretty crap, and partly to celebrate the fact that I now have new art from X-MM, without further wasted space by me I give you: Guest art from X-MM (expect this for about 2 weeks, depending on how I set things up). ‘Grats X.

“Share These Wings”
Done originally as a pensketch, then I decided to colour. I tried to use the original as lineart, but in comparison to the colour, the sketch was starting to look rather…well…sketchy. So i scrapped the sketch and began freehand painting (well free mouse, but you get the picture). I also neglected using any real singular colouring technique and went with the simple small palette and pure, utter burn and dodge spree. Toward the end, I began abusing the sparkly swirly thingys (a technique I’d picked up a few days prior) but they seem to fit well, so it’s all good. Given away as gift art, not too long ago.
– X-MM