The Linux server this website is hosted on will be rebooted due to scheduled maintenance between 12AM and 4AM next Tuesday morning. It is anticipated that there will be up to 45 minutes of downtime during this period as the file system check apparently takes that long. So basically don’t go reading though all my posts at horrific hours of Tuesday morning. 😉

I’m sorry this comic isn’t that great. XD It kinda follows up the previous one…and may lead somewhere eventually. I guess you’ll just have to wait until next week to find out. 😀

Finally the weekend is upon us. Today was rather interesting; I suppose mainly to the dream from which I awoke this morning. It involved a mystery girl, and I spent a fair bit of the mindless hours at work pondering just who she was. Dreams can be so weird sometimes; but at least it was something to take my mind off work. 🙂

[EDIT] Fixed comic spelling mistakes. Thanks Phaedra. 🙂