[EDIT] Okay, comic hatched and updated. At least his eyes aren’t completely vacant now. 🙂

Yup. This is why I’m not going to try baking. 🙂
Its not often that I draw a full comic on one piece of paper, and of course by that I mean I never do, so this was quite interesting to try doing. It went reasonably well, which is hopefully a good sign for the work I really want to start doing on Dragon Rider.

Things have been going pretty well really. It’s a bit of a sad feeling that a full semester has already flown by, and that I’ll have to get used to a whole new set of classes and time schedules next semester. It’s going to be pretty intense. The 5 weeks off between now and then could be quite fun though. 😀 Though the exams, which are in less than a week now, wont be. >.<; I've got a bunch of news about my planned switch to a conjoint (BA double major in Chinese and Japanese) but it'll have to wait. This comic is already almost two and a half hours late and I need sleep. xD Peace out all- -Hiro