[EDIT] For future reference this picture is in the good collection purely because I like it and not because it’s particularly awesome or anything. 😉

Caiya. That name -kinda- fits, but it is still subject to change. If you have any suggestions, please do comment and let me know. 😉
“Balloon?” I hear you ask? Hey, she likes balloons, get over it. 😉 Everyone has their quirk; this chick totes a balloon on the end of her staff thing. Good, random drawing times.
I must be getting better at drawing, ‘cos this picture also turned out pretty ok. And it was in about the right shape I wanted. The clothing was a bit of an ordeal to design, but I went for something a little Christmas/winter -y with this furlined costume. Everyone likes winter. 🙂
If you look closely you’ll notice that this is a slightly different type of eye to what I normally do. I like it, and its good to try something new. Once again we have Mark Crilley from youtube to thank for this with his very interesting 100 ways to draw manga eyes, from which I got this new type of eye (well, I sorta molded it to my own. The one I looked at was number 30). This type of eye doesn’t really have so much a pupil, just a lighter area below where the pupil would be, and a nice sized highlight up top (although the light area is hard to see on this picture). Below is a drawing I did of the type of eye I wanted before I drew them on the girl.

Did I forget to mention, this girl (Caiya for now) is from the same story as Emiko? 😉