Here we go, this is something new. No, not the art, these are all thechniques I’ve used before in varying degrees. The difference is: here we have a picture that I sat down to draw, rather than one that just came. In that I knew what I wanted to draw before hand, and managed to draw it with a good portion of success. No the picture is not perfect, but it marks a good leap for me in terms of how I feel about drawing. So in that way, I love it.

This is Emiko, a character in a story I’m tossing around up in my head. She is the chick I drew before in a crappy speed-chibi for clothing concept. This here is the real deal. No its not the picture I said I was working on when I drew the chibi, that is an action shot that still isn’t finnished (don’t hold your breath folks). I drew this picture with the intention of making it a ‘shiney’ picture. As in, one of those romantic or plot moving moments where all of a sudden the girl gets super shiney hair and eyes. To that end, the eyes are rather large, and the hair has extra detail and more strands and directions. I think it turned out pretty good considering I havn’t tried that aproach before.

And now its 2:30am on Saturday night (Sunday morning?). I think I’ll make this post go up Sunday night ready for Monday 😉 . Man I’m tired, but it was worth it. This picture wins. Hey, I might even make a nice background for it. And maybe it could become a wallpaper. O.O

Keep dreaming Hiro. >_>