Hey guys. So back to another drawing. 🙂
Yes I do plan to finish Terra, don’t worry; I just wanted to draw this picture to enter in a competition to win one of the above-drawn ocarina’s from SongbirdOcarina.com. The contest is to post a piece of “original ocarina-inspired visual art” to their facebook wall, and Mr Songbird’s favourite gets the grand prize. Everyone who enters also gets a 15% discount voucher for the shop, which I quite possibly will end up using if I don’t win. 😉
I’m not quite 100% happy with this picture yet though… It’s missing something. I think it needs some sort of highlights, something that really looks like light gleaming off a shiny surface. But I’ll experiment with that some other night and upload the results if they’re good.

[EDIT] Alrighty, here’s the final piece. What do you think? 🙂 There are some minor tweaks to colouring, but more importantly I added some texturing and highlights to the surface to make it pop out more. The animated fire is just for fun. 🙂

[EDIT2] Okay so Tony made a few more suggestions, mainly to do with making the holes less flat, and the background less solid. Looks so mint now. 😀

And since some people may have missed the video, here it is again. 😉

See previous post for details.