I apologise in advance to anyone who find’s this picture too scary. ^^;; This is what happens when I’m in a drawing mood, an introspective mood and a restless/wired up mood all at the same time!

From a technical perspective this picture is actually pretty good for me; it turned out pretty close to how I imagined and the line weight variation and the textured shading turned out pretty well. I’m a little unhappy with how the hair ended up shape-wise, and I really should have put some scratches or other irregularities on his armour, but it’s alright.

I drew this picture after watching the first three episodes of Sword Art Online. I recommend checking it out, so far it’s a very cool anime. 🙂 There were a few “what?” moments which kinda threw me off a little but I think perseverance has really paid off in this case. The art is well done, the setting is well done, some of the music pieces are really awesome, the story…isn’t an original concept, but it’s being done in a different way and on a different scale to other similar themed stories I’ve seen so it’s pretty cool. Not to mention that it actually keeps significant video game elements like health bars and such even as life in the game gathers more real-world aspects. At least, so far it has; I’m only 3 episodes in but it seems like quite a lot more because of the pace. xD