“Its a typo…
Believe it.”

I drew this partly in form period (the head and upper torso) and partly while watching my latest Mount & Blade character travel the entire map for trading.
Speaking of which, Mount & Blade is a pretty neat game. Its actually still in beta, but this is supposedly the final beta stage before release and the beta is publicly avaliable (and stable) so it might as well be released.
The demo version has two restrictions as far as I know: You can only get up to level 8 in game before it will save and quit (ready for you to buy the game and continue) or you can last 30 in game days before it will save and quit; which ever comes first.
The game is interesting enough though, that its fun to play that fairly short time repeatedly. Each time you can try a new stat build or strategy since its a non-linear game. Worth a try.
I might buy it some time…