Not bad, the design is pretty good; though I’m a little rusty at getting body proportions and hands etc looking right. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn a random picture that’s still decent. 🙂

This week I’ve decided to give myself more incentive to draw, and I need a system to inhibit my spending on unnecessary gadgets. So I’ve created an idea in my head of a picture bounty system, whereby each picture I draw (updated on time) will let me contribute money towards the next thing I want to buy (two birds with one stone, yay). I’ve decided that small doodles (for example iPhone Delight) will contribute $2, bigger pictures (like Prince Curran) will contribute $5, really good pictures (things that go into the good picture collection) will contribute $8, and storyline/project pictures will contribute $11. So two cheap pictures is not as good as one decent one, two great pictures is better than one project picture, but a small picture and a good picture is not as good as a project picture. I’m going to keep a tally of how much I ‘earn’ this way and post it with each picture post. What do you guys think?

The thing I’m currently most keen on getting right now is a Pandora. It looks super nifty; essentially working as both a pocket-sized laptop and as a hand-held gaming console, which has: controller buttons, a touch screen and a keyboard. The competition is a PSP2000, but the only things that a PSP has over a Pandora is that it’s quite a lot cheaper, has a much larger fan-base (at least currently) and it can play PSP games (Pandora can’t emulate PSP…at least not yet). However the Pandora can emulate other consoles to play a much wider range of games, including ones made for a PC, so really price and support are the bigger issues.
Either way what I’m going to do is kick-start the fund with the money from selling my PSP3000 (brand new in shelf boxing, let me know if you or someone you know are interested ‘cos its currently going up on trademe 😉 ) and add to it from there.

Bounty total: $5

As Simon has so beautifully demonstrated, and as alluded to in the comments of the previous post, you guys could donate if you wanna see certain things. 😉 I’ll add to your contribution the bounty of the picture according to the above system.
You could also just make a request without putting a bounty on it (in which case I’ll just assign bounty according to the above system). But that’s not nearly as fun right? 😀
P.S. Pictures drawn on commission are the property of the person who donated for them. 🙂