Heh, wow. So I was thinking of putting in a little comment to say that there would be no update this Friday (in the end I didn’t obviously). But then when I opened up photoshop to practice writing some Chinese characters just before bed I instead doodled this out. Almost no erasing/undoing at all even. And in under 15 minutes, it actually looks good! (I think so at least ^^;; ) The eyes kinda make me think of a vocaloid, and this girl doesn’t have a name (yet), so hence the picture name. Feel free to post cool name suggestions. 😉
It’s almost worth coming back and colouring at some point. xD I can scarcely believe I drew it..
Oh well. Keeping up the twice weekly update at least this week. ^^; Enjoy it while you can.

Work is funny sometimes. This morning I was working on a simple job, designing the posts for a glass baluster to go on a deck or whatever. But then after a few calculations it became apparent that the post size that they had wanted just wouldn’t work (compare needing to be able to take a 1.69 kN-m bending moment with the 0.4 kN-m it could take. xD ONLY A QUARTER!). So then Dad rings up the guy to discuss what to do from here (use bigger posts or something) and we find out that the guy has already made the posts! Like, had all these little glass clamps welded onto them and beautifully finished the ends and all. But if he wanted to use those posts they’d have to be only like 300 mm apart! (30 cm for those with bad visualisation skills) XD Sucks to be that guy when we had to tell him that there was just no way that they could work (legally) as they were. In the end it was decided to cut the bottom of the posts open and stick a large solid bar of steel up the hollow inside of each one to make it strong enough. Fantastically sad for the guy who beautifully welded and smoothed the ends but there you go. xD