Last Thursday I got back from StudentLife’s mid-year conference called Strive. It was really great! (As I’ve come to expect from SL conferences haha). Interestingly, though the talks were good, the main highlight of conference for me this year was getting to meet and spend time with all the awesome people, and being able to share about our walks with God and encourage each other in fellowship. I really must be becoming an extrovert hahaha. ^^; These days I really enjoy seeing other students grow and change as they seek God; it’s such an awesome thing how God uses ordinary people like us to be salt and light to other peoples’ lives. 😀

As promised, I didn’t go a whole week without drawing anything. Here is a photo of a picture I drew which I’m calling Stefalion, because Stef wore this lion hat almost the entire 6 days hahaha. I have to say, I haven’t drawn anything with pencil and paper in a long time, and it’s been even longer since I’ve ever tried to ink a pencil picture. xD Just don’t look too closely and it’ll be fine…right? ^^;
I drew this one night while Stef was reading a book (hence the book in the picture), but I didn’t plan ahead enough to draw her actually reading the book so I went with having the book on the table haha.

In completely other news, the other day I played a real RPG (Role Playing Game) for the first time. A few friends of mine from StudentLife got Pathfinder, which seems to be a variant/split from Dungeons and Dragons so I joined them for their pilot game. 🙂 It’s pretty cool fun actually, even though we were just using premade characters with a premade campain which Andrew was cool enough to control as our GM (Game Master). Stef and I joined forces to play as the cleric in the party which was cool (funnily enough of our party the cleric seemed to be second only to the figher in combat xD ). It was quite slow going but I imagine it would be a lot faster if we all knew what we were doing lol.
I can just feel my nerd level rising as I’ve now legitimately used a 20-sided dice for something hahaha.

My grades from last semester are all out and though they’re not as good as they have been in the past they’re good enough that I’m happy and can move on. So now if I’m onto it I should be working on my story board some more, and drawing some more pictures before uni starts again. 🙂
I hope everyone else’s holidays are going as well as mine are. 😀
Peace out!