Hrmm.. I kinda wanted this to be finished for this update, but it’s going to take a lot more work. I’ll upload a new version each day as I work on it; and it’s definitely going to be an epic picture with colours and stuff if I have a say in the matter so you’ll get to see a bit of the work flow maybe. 🙂

This is a picture I actually started quite a while ago after watching the related episodes of Teen Titans (woo!). Terra is a minor character who features in a few of the later episodes in season 2. A confused and frighteningly powerful girl, she battles with her inner demons of fear and mistrust and tries to find a way through life. In the end, in an epic self sacrifice, she uses her powers over earth to halt a violent volcano, being turned to stone herself in the process.
She’s quite a popular character. I figured I’d take a shot at drawing her myself and sketched out a rough idea for the picture (mainly the stance and the hair etc). I barely touched the picture again until these past couple of days when I decided to finish it. So far I think it’s looking quite good; I even outfitted her in her original costume by looking at the episodes again (I was debating whether to use her Slade outfit but decided her original clothes were less…evil, and hence more what I wanted to capture).

I’ll try to work on it more each day and upload the progress so y’all can see it. I grey-scaled this work-in-progress picture so you can’t tell, but I actually have all three primary colours as various layers of working under my black lines. xD

And for one line of blogging goodness: Just passed 700 Hanzi yesterday. Woot! 😀

Here’s what I see when I’m working on this. Blue, red, green, grey and finally black. Actually that’s a bit of a lie since I’m normally zoomed in for drawing nice black lines but you get the idea. 😉
Kinda sad that I’ve done one arm (sans glove) and one leg (sans boot) since this was first uploaded. >.< [EDIT2] Yeeeah this isn't going to be finished soon at all. Yay for assignments. ^^;; [EDIT3] Got some pointers from Tony on the SE250 assignment (aha, see what I did there? :D) which is nice. He shed some light on implementing some ideas I was kicking around in java. Sometimes there's something you want to do, and you're sure there's a method for it in the language but you're just not familiar enough to know what it is. In this case one specific example is the string.split method, which can split a string up into multiple other strings; very useful. 🙂 (For the non-technical folks: a string is just a series of characters/letters, for example a word or a sentence is a 'string') That should help me get this one done which will mean I can focus on the other two haha. [EDIT4 20/03/11] So that assignment has gone fairly well. I uploaded my solution to the automated marker and passed the small and medium sized tests first try. Unfortunately my solution was too inefficient and failed the large scale test because it took too long. =\
Fortunately the thing is due on Friday, which is ample time for me to sort out some efficiency tweaks. I thought of some changes I could make, and my brother Tony has also given me some tips on stuff like variable allocation in loops (or rather, the avoidance thereof), so it should be fine.
I’ve also been playing my ocarina a fair bit. It’s definitely getting better over time. 😀 I can play a few songs pretty well now, though I’m still learning a bit about breath strength, particularly on the high notes. Watching a good number of ocarina videos on youtube has been fun too (a great time sink that..). In particular a guy going by the name of Docjazz (or David..) has some really awesome clips (he’s the guitar and ocarina in that one).
I’ve also been tossing around whether or not I should get a larger transverse (“sweet potato”) ocarina. I have one which is 6 holes that I find quite difficult to play because the breathing requirements on the high notes are neigh impossible (for me); not to mention that the notes are more complicated to play due to having to use various non-linear combinations of the holes to get all the notes. To be fair, I probably haven’t spent enough time trying to get used to it and it’s probably quite playable for someone of more skill. For me though, I find the inline ones I have, with their simpler hole arrangements, easier breath requirements, and wider range of notes, to be much more preferable.
But I’d still like to have a go with a 12-hole sweet potato with the proper hole layout and everything. It’s just the cost which is the issue; the cheapest plastic one that I’ve considered is all up NZ$44.50 including shipping, and a nice clay one costs more than that in USD even without the shipping..
I’ll put some links up to some of the ones I’ve been looking at so you guys have a better idea of what I’m on about. For now though, bed. Gotta be up tomorrow morning after all heh heh.