I tried something new the other day. I thought to myself, what if my pictures were more like a video game? I mean, usually a main character is only drawn so many times in so many positions, and then the picture reused as a sprite over and over in all situations. Maybe that could cut down on time and allow for more in the way of consistent characters, if I could find a way to do something like that.
So what I did was I drew up a concept of a very simple kind of player sprite, just a silhouette with eyes and enough features (like hair spikey things) to be distinguishable, and then redraw it in many parts, each with its own photoshop layer. I have a separate head and torso, and three part arms and legs (upper, lower, hand/foot) all grouped together to form one fully poseable ragdoll dude (hence the comic name). 😀
It doesn’t look like a whole lot now, but imagine if I spent a lot of time drawing up a really cool looking dude. Then I’d be able to make several comics/pictures involving him doing a variety of things without having to redraw him every single time. Could be kinda cool, no? 🙂
I’m not sure if this is actually at all faster than just drawing the same character over and over, because it’s not super quick to rotate/rearrange all his parts each time he’s drawn (not the least because its actually quite hard to make the poses look good). I suppose it would depend on his complexity; this one is so simple it almost definitely would have been easier to just scribble him out each time with a small black brush xD . Oh well, this one is just a proof of concept, might see more of this idea later. 🙂

The other challenge with following a video game style is of course trying to capture the experiences of the player into still images. This comic, for example, tells a very simple story of (naturally) going for the star, only to find that it’s a trap. But even this simple story in comic form doesn’t quite capture the “oh” moment when the player realises they just got eaten by a giant frog thing. Difficult indeed.

So… what do you guys think silhouette dude should do next? xD