Performed on: Polycarbonate C Mountain Ocarina

I had to record this late at night with an almost dead camera (battery warning light blinking yay!) at my brother’s house so I apologise for the quality of the playing. I had one shot maybe two before I’d be told off for keeping them awake; you can’t really see from the video but I was shaking so hard. >.< Fortunately I only made one mistake so I just quickly picked up again and edited that out.
Honestly can’t say I’m at all impressed with windows live movie maker. My brother recommended it, and has it on his computer, but it really is quite terrible. It does have a lot of nice built in features but it is inflexible to the point of being almost unusable. For example, you can’t even overlay a picture over the video (for example to mask my cutting out of my bad mistake ^^); you can show a picture with no sound, or have the video playing, but not both. I suppose if the audio was a separate recorded track that might be a different story but either way it was frustrating to work with.
Oh well, it’s a bit late, but here’s my contribution to the Ocarina Easter scene. 🙂
God bless, everyone.

More news later. Gotta sleep. 4am is the new midnight so it’s still Tuesday!

So sorry about the lateness of this update, that was pretty bad. xD Due to it being put up so late, I’m also going to leave it up on Friday so expect the next update on Saturday. I have done a fair bit of work on that picture already and I think it is looking pretty cool so hopefully that makes up for it. 🙂 For now though, I have a Chinese test tonight (Thursday) and another test tomorrow which I’m gonna have to study for instead.
An update on my car’s status: As most of you probably already know, my car was broken in to on Sunday night with a smashed window and my navman was stolen.
On Monday I called my insurance company only to find that my policy had been cancelled in November last year (meaning I had been driving uninsured for like half a year @.@ ).
The reason for closing given was that I had sold my car. After a day or so of stuffing around it came out that they had made a.. erm.. mistake (to put it lightly), in that when my sister Lisa had sold her car and closed her policy, they had actually somehow closed mine. I have no idea how that happens, especially given how rigorous they are in making sure that they’re talking to the right person about a policy: asking several questions at the start of any call.
Fortunately once that had been sorted out we were able to create a new policy with them backdated to the time of the incident, so that I would be covered for it. And good enough to their policy, my window was replaced free of charge on Wednesday (I have the optional free window replacement thing).
So my car is good now. I haven’t actually driven it yet as I’ve been staying at my brother Tony’s house but I’ll be taking it out to my test tonight.
I actually forgot to inquire about whether my policy would cover my navman so I should probably call them again, but the chances are that the excess we would have to pay to have it replaced would be almost as much as the thing would be worth to buy again ourselves.