And now I’m filled with the mixed feelings of having a group of people I’ve gotten to know go to a different country most of whom probably never to see again…and the fact that my life might just regain some of its normalness and a chance to draw and game or something….

Mostly though, its a sad occasion.

So in light of that TRH will now make its debut first ever link to…Bebo! (!! 😮 !!). Yeah, odd, but thats how I roll so go with it.
Lynley senpai has some photos of the Japanese students on her bebo page. For your viewing pleasure, should you choose to accept it, here is that photo page:
[EDIT] Link broke.

There are even a few with me in them…one of which my head is a massive blurry blob and the other I’m making a stupid pose. >.<;; Yay me.