Sorry this update is laaaate. @.@ I do actually have more pictures to put up though so the next one after this wont be late at least. >.< Anyway, Joceyy drew this over about an hour and a half of spare time at uni using my intuos tablet. Pretty solid. ;D Yesterday we at StudentLife went on a 20km walkathon to raise support for students to come to a conference on evangelism and discipleship in June. As anyone who has tried walking 20km without training for it beforehand can probably tell you, it's doable, but painful. xD My legs are still a bit stiff in places, but actually it's my feet that hurt more. >.< But it's for a good cause; this conference is gonna be the highlight of the year and it'd suck for someone to miss out because they're a poor student and the cost is too high for them. 🙂 Hope everyone is keeping up with the increasing workload of uni. I'm trying to be more proactive in staying on top of all the work that's coming in. xD