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I recorded the inking and colouring of this picture in timelapse. Here is the video:

This is my second timelapse drawing video ever! 😀 I think it turned out quite well. I’m sorry it took so long..this picture has actually been in the works for a long time; I started it at about the same time as the Flower Angel picture from a few weeks back. xD I’ve been working on it around my assignments and tests in the past two weeks, which is the bit that I recorded. It took ages because it had to be good; I wouldn’t want to publish fan art that was lazy. xD
Speaking of which, yes, this is fan art for Megan Lee, a Korean-American teenager who sings covers of songs and puts them on Youtube. She is incredibly talented, and this is reflected by her large fan-base (104,366 subscribers, wow!). I’ve listened to her covers a lot (and some of her original songs too) so I thought I’d give something back. 🙂 I drew this picture specifically from her outfit in this video, which is one of my favourites. It’s the first song in the background of my timelapse. 🙂

Now for an important announcement: I’ve made a Facebook page for “Hiroshi Matsu Art”.

The reason for me making this Facebook page is that for a lot of people checking any other website just isn’t on their “to do” list, and so they’re likely to forget. Especially with a website with an irregular update schedule like mine. So this page gives people a chance to be reminded to check out the art as they go about what they normally do: check facebook. 😉 And as we know, the more comments I get the more I’ll be drawing, so any extra exposure should be really good. 🙂
I didn’t want to just use my regular Facebook page for this because I’d like to keep my drawings and all the other random stuff like photos and my friends’ postings separate haha.
Have no fear; this website will still be operating and no one will be missing out on anything.

So over the coming weeks I’m going to be slowly populating the Facebook page with pictures from this website. I would greatly appreciate it if you all could take a few seconds to head over there and *like* it. In fact I’m going one step further:
There are prizes involved!
Yep. Two people who have liked “Hiroshi Matsu Art” before midnight on the 22nd of June 2012 (New Zealand time) chosen at random get a free white tshirt printed with a design of their choosing from any picture/s drawn by me. 😀 I can even create your very own compilation of pictures if you want.
So that’s the deal. Like the page, win a tshirt. Easy right? 😀 What are you waiting for?!?

I forgot to mention but I probably should say: I’m only providing shipping within New Zealand. If you want to enter the prize draw thing from overseas you’re welcome to though, providing you know a way to get the shirt to you. 🙂